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Outdoor LED display maintenance are what skills

Outdoor LED display maintenance are what skills

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Outdoor LED display what repair skills? We also know that outdoor LED display in the process of using, from time to time will encounter wind and rain, sun and rain and many other conditions, it is inevitable that some failures, once the display screen does not work, it will greatly affect the customer The use of efficiency, LED display maintenance at this time has become crucial, because good maintenance techniques can be a good solution to this problem. So what are the technical aspects of repair information?
1, interface problems: If the computer control display information can not be displayed, please check the cable.
2, the power problem: If the LED display is the use of low-voltage high-current power supply, then the difference is not affected by the power.
3, the driving problem: If each row or column are not displayed, it should be the driver corresponding to the accident chip, then you can change.
4, display problems: long-term use of LED display may damage aging, maintenance and replacement can be.
According to the situation of the customer display can be broadly divided into the following three:
First, the same display unit board interface
Many LED display manufacturers show the unit board interface is not too standard, if the customer's outdoor screen display unit board interface and the above talk about the same interface, we can choose to upgrade the system, if the text screen video, low-gray screen, high gray Screen, the method is low cost, quick.
Second, display cell board interface
If the customer's display single cell interface with the standard interface listed above is not exactly the same, but the number of signals and the same type, the LED display can also be used to upgrade, of course, because the interface is not completely aligned, so The cost is slightly higher than in the first case.
Third, completely different display unit board interface
If the customer's original outdoor LED display cell board interface and completely different from the above, then based on the cost of this reform will be relatively large. Because here in addition to LED display module and some IC to be retained, the other such as PCB boards, systems, etc. also have to be replaced, so the cost will be higher.