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Flexible flexible LED large screen application scenario

Flexible flexible LED large screen application scenario

Flexible flexible LED large screen application scenario

Over time, the traditional led display is a bit over-saturated and the market is weak. One of the important reasons is that it can't meet the needs of some sub-segments, such as some buildings that are not flat or curved with curved walls. It is a traditional hard screen. The traditional LED screen is made of hard-board PCB board and bottom shell mask. There is no softness. On a curved wall, you can't lay out the big screen of the led, or you need to carry out the chamfering process, not only increase. Cost, and the process is not particularly perfect.

Wherever there is demand, there is a market!


In order to solve this practical demand, some led display manufacturers have flexible, foldable and flexible flexible screens that have begun to appear and become popular. What kind of scene is the flexible led large screen often used in? Liangcai Technology Xiaobian shares several scenes for everyone.

1, curved screen
If the arc is small and the inner arc is used, the traditional led hard screen can be used. As long as the display steel structure is made into a curved shape, then the conventional hard module can be installed. However, when the arc is large or the outer arc is not able to be constructed with a hard led screen, the flexible led screen can be easily completed.
2, cylindrical screen
In some hotels, conference rooms, bars, etc., there are many pillars in the lobby. The designers will design these pillars as displays, play some special videos to enhance the decoration grade or create a special atmosphere. The screen is very complicated to do, and the flexible led screen is more handy.
3, The use of some special-shaped led screen, such as the wave design of the stage design, ribbons, etc.
The flexible screen and the traditional LED display are identical in display principle. The only difference is the flexible PCB and bottom case, which can be folded up to 120 degrees. The flexible screen display has bright colors and strong stereoscopic effect. It is widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising factories and mines, transportation, education systems, stations, terminals, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets. , construction market, auction house, industrial enterprise management and other public places.