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Four mistakes happened when LED screen suppliers make solutions

Four mistakes happened when LED screen suppliers make solutions

How to attract attention from passers-by through installing LED screen on the windows of your store?

The key point is to make screen dynamic that people are likely to enter into your store with curiosity, in this way, it will increase sales.

How to make your LED screen become more effective for products promotion? The answer is ‘you need to find the most suitable company to make the solution for you who will offer you fruitful knowledge and experiences’.
In advance, you need to make a comparison on the different installed locations and methods between inside the windows or outside. Maybe you never think about it before. This text will show the four common problems as below.

Trouble 1: the brightness is not high enough
As to a standard console display, its brightness is around 200-300cd/㎡,and the one for commerce is about 400-750cd/㎡. However, for the outdoor display, the brightness is required of 1000-2000cd/㎡ considering about the direction of windows either it is towards west or east. 
Because of the brightness as an important element, we should focus on the screen whether it has characteristics of anti-dazzle and antireflection or not. If not, or the level is not good enough, the screen will become a mirror. That is the truth. So we are necessary to require your suppliers to manufacture the LED screen with reflection rate less than 2%! What’s more you should make sure the optical sensor for working environment is running and the brightness of screen has been the brightest. 

Trouble 2: be careful of the sunlight
As we all know, especially for an outdoor LED screen, it can’t avoid exposing under the sunlight, and then the temperature of the whole panel will rise, it follows that the color of the one surface will gradually change into black. That’s too terrible for you to maintain it. So the LED screen must can hold the more than 110℃. In other words, make sure it is enough anti-high temperature for you to install them outside.

Trouble 3: have some problems easily in quality 
Screen inside window don’t need such kind of high quality, but outdoor screen need them without doubt. Therefore, if you make a decision on installing LED screen outside the window, please spend your money on the high-quality LED modules and display manufacturers and make sure their lifetime and warranty within your expectation. Please remember ‘you get what you pay for’. 

Trouble 4: different levels of brightness in one day
You should choose the outdoor LED screen with the characteristic of adopting different level of brightness in a day, which is the best performance for clear visual effects. Let us think about it further, in the night, it is difficult to see clearly for a screen with high brightness, even make the drivers dazzled. Therefore, you would better to choice the outdoor screen that can adjust the brightness automatically.

In conclusion, before choosing the supplier for LED display solution, please check their quality and brand reputation and compare with others, make an overall decision in the end.