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The applications and challenges of vehicle screen

The applications and challenges of vehicle screen

As the development of LED display, increasing numbers of vehicles with car screen have been appeared in recent years. What does drives the increase number of vehicle screens. Actually, they are advan

This text will introduce the type of application and challenge we face when we use LED screen. So what kind of situations we can apply vehicle screen?

In Taxi
Few years ago, the taxi screen can show whether this taxi is available to rent or not. Nowadays, it can play the same video all the time and show the details about your location. What’s more, the screen inside a taxi has its own system to calculate and display advertisement according to the location of the taxi.

In public buses
The buses screen usually install indoor vehicle that has the good level of shock and vibration resistance. As a passenger you can watch the route of the bus, the latest news on traffic situation and real-time weather forecast just like the indoor and outdoor temperature.

On the truck with large LED ad screen
As we all know, the greatest function of LED screen is to do advertisement for products, and this kind of trucks have its own unique advantage. It takes special and targeted advertisements to different places where have different crowds and social atmosphere and then to show the price list of hot selling new product. Actually, LED screen owners have gotten the main point about areas where need such kinds of advertisements.

For traffic security
Other potential functions for vehicle displays include traffic security, which is not related to the advertising promotions but for our comfortable driving experience and security. For example, drivers can have better views of the back when they drive your private car with a front camera inside.

Well, it is time for us to learn more about the challenges of applying vehicle screen.
Firstly, temperature is a big problem, especially, some extreme situations. On the one hand, the screen must be able to withdraw extreme temperature and run normally below freezing, in the next day morning it also need to go back to normal. On the other hand, under the long-term work time, the temperature inside car will rise very high (the green house in the car), especially in summer, the screen must be able to withdraw the high temperature.
Secondly, the power supply of vehicle screen must be able to adjust on or off switch automatically according to the ignition condition of the vehicle. In general, it should be off by itself and drivers don’t need to switch power off. In addition, the screen can’t be turned on all the time, which will waste the main power of the car. Therefore, it is necessary to make a AI-program for vehicle screens to be turned on or off in special time when we need to use them.