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Five good points of LED ad screen

Five good points of LED ad screen

Five advantages of LED screen maybe you don't know

No.1: high-definition and high-gray level
One of the most significant advantages of LED screen is enough eye-catching to attract people’s attention. There are several reasons to support its strength. Firstly, it can be customized into very large square without much limitation. Secondly, the color and the brightness are high enough to adapt the different levels of light in one day and the system inside screen can adjust its own brightness automatically. Compared with the normal poster screen, it is more convenient to change the videos & pictures source and post more creative works through a video processor dedicated to a LED screen.

No.2: to save maintenance cost
You just need to spend little money on maintaining LED screen, because they are highly resistant to break down. What’s more, the lamp on PCB panels differs from the normal one that is not made for fragile vinyl and lamps demanding continuous maintenance.

No.3: LED screens control system can design anything you want
LED screen can be operated remotely from Wi-Fi connection. You can control any number of screens with a click of the mouse, even the screen located in different cities. You also can control the pictures and videos through the video processor and control system to help you post advertisements into new market.

No4: to show unlimited pictures and video
As long as your ads do not violate advertising laws, you can display legal contents of any size and format anytime.

No:5 high-return on investment for the benefit of the advertisement
Actually, you can think of purchasing LED screens as investments. And then you need to analyze the input-output cost. You will find out the good performance of low cost after using the LED screen to promote your products. Because, you can send prepared videos and pictures to the video processor that is connected with the receiving card inside a screen, and the screen will display the video directly. Maybe the freight is the only one you need to pay.