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Three precautions for using the display screen for promotion

Three precautions for using the display screen for promotion

It' s not easy to find the right LED ad screen for the first time. Actually, if you are clear about what you want and choose a right manufacturer for your demands, it is the best way and time-saving.

It' s not easy to find the right LED ad screen for the first time.

No.1: to know about your own aim and demands before buying
In fact, everyone has its own demands respectively for LED screen they want. That means we should find out the right solution to meet requirements. Therefore Light color technology will make a list of the demands in detail as below.
There are four questions:
1. What kind of effect do you want to make after installing a LED screen?
2. What kind of video do you want to play? Data? Entertainment? Advertisement? Or anything else?
3. What is your main purpose to use LED screen?
4. Do you need dynamical content or just single pictures or signal words?
Such kinds of question you should remember in your mind, and get answers step by step when you ask the information from a supplier. During this process, you can change them a little according to others elements. In addition, you also need to focus on the size, price and specification of screens.

No.2 to know about the location of the screen
Although there is little limitation when you use outdoor LED ad screen to attract customers’ attentions, there are a lots of things affecting the performance of LED screen. The details you can found in the last text.

No.3 to find out the suitable size for your screen
It depends on the distance between from viewers and screen and the size of screen. For example, in an exhibition, inside big store, meeting room and classroom with large space, you would better to install a big LED screen. And on the shelf in convenience store, pharmacy and hair salon with small space, the screen in small size is better to you.

This is a picture about the reference of size and viewing distance:

Actually, you also need to consider about the resolution, pixel distance and control system, signal and so on. Due to limited to article length, the details we will introduce in next texts.