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Three purposes of LED display applied in banks

Three purposes of LED display applied in banks

Although most of banking businesses can be done online, many people prefer to go to bank directly for their businesses. Therefore, financial institutions have to consider about how to take action to m

No.1: Do advertising
Both individuals and businesses, clients want to establish great contact with the bank in which they has entrusted their funds, through LED display in banking, bank screens are the best way for Banks to advertise their services to customers in their branches. Obviously, there are lots of single digital poster displays in banks because of its multi-function that they can be moved around to service for customers. In addition, the bigger a LED display, the more likely it is to represent affluence and wealth, and then Banks cleverly project brand image to consumers.
Therefore, large size LED displays are obvious in the local offices.

No.2: For inner communication
Employees in local offices can get benefits from the LED display. Specifically, the display used to communicate with customers can be switched to the company content channel during non-working hours. The installation sites have different kinds, such as, public places, lunch room and meeting room. In order to extend the range of application, the LED screen also can be used into the notification, entertainment and encouragement for employees from different groups.


No.3 For window display
Banks are generally located in the bustling commercial street location, traffic is very considerable, although there are a lot of discussion about closing bank branches, along with the increasing competition in the banking industry, Banks have branches has become more important to use the LED display window display, Banks can use to promote service many visitors use printed material on the window, but the printing material cannot be compared with Banks LED display, LED display has the ability of vivid images and video display, Banks LED display more compelling than traditional billboards. In addition to the above purposes, the LED screen of the bank can be connected to the Internet to display real-time information, such as exchange rate, stock market and other information related to finance. Watching the information on the big screen when people are waiting for business can reasonably save the waiting time.