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Product name:

Indoor fixed display (LCP6)

Supply Ability:
3000square meter(s) per Month
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LCP6 indoor led display product features

A. Ultra-high brightness, under the sun glare is still clearly visible under long distances.
B. High color display uniformity, the display screen is more delicate.
C. The flatness of the module mounting surface is controlled at ± 0.2mm.
D. Using a variety of scanning technology, and modular design requirements, reliability, higher stability;
E. Circuit board using wave soldering process, with green oxygen layer to prevent the circuit wet, oxidation, improve service life.
F. Farewell to the traditional plug-in lights, the use of a new type of surface mount package and packaging, display clearer color more stable, to achieve a single point of maintenance, more energy efficient.




High-value and fashion

Using high-quality red, green and blue chips packaged in a table stick beads, the surface paste beads by a uniform spacing evenly affixed to the front of the circuit board and soldered, the back of the circuit board with drive and control electronics Device, and then plastic package to secure and protect the finished circuit board, which is the basic indoor unit P2LED display.





Ultra-wide viewing angle, bring you a new experience

Table lamp beads their own perspective, and then the use of high-precision equipment and advanced technology, unique anti-electromagnetic wave processing, distributed scanning technology, modular design, the reliability and stability of the higher. Make the horizontal and vertical perspectives more broad, stable performance, broadcast a wide range of content.



Ultra HD effect, structured, bright color

Create ultra-high dynamic contrast quality display, black and white contrast to make it strong, distinct, to ensure the transparency and brightness of the screen.




Glue plastic and product consistency is good

Using the industry's top technology Glue, filling plastic formation, dust and moisture to ensure product consistency.






Thin design saves from scratch

Box thickness of only 77mm, weighs only 15KG, than the traditional box to reduce more than 20%, saving transportation costs, installation costs.






Super quiet
Super quiet fan design, high cooling rate, no noise.






LCP6 indoor led applications

First, the field of advertising media. LED display with its unique advantages, has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, three-turn, light boxes, advertising media industry has become a new force. Traditional advertising can only play pictures, while the LED display is the picture, video, text, sound the perfect combination of high definition, high brightness, colorful, distinctive, innovative design, with a vivid, simple and lively and so on. Advertising media led display main applications are busy streets, shopping malls, Plaza Park, building buildings, landmark buildings, airports and other stations.
Second, the field of entertainment and culture. The most used is the stage, party and other background led large screen, it can live and wonderful live playback, breaking the restrictions of the seats, so that the audience away from the stage can clearly see the stage performance, to create a magnificent , Very contagious atmosphere, combined with high-quality sound effects, giving a perfect audio-visual feast. The main venue for the evening concert, event site, theater, television, high-end *** and so on.
Third, the field of sports. I believe that the main venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games led display left a deep impression to everyone right, led the stadium stadium is the role of large screen playing wonderful screen, slow-motion playback, specific lens display. The main applications are football field led fence screen, basketball court LED funnel screen, swimming pool track and field track and field time LED screen, as well as a variety of sports venues LED display wall or column.
Fourth, traffic induced areas. At the bustling street junctions or on both sides of the highway, there will be traffic induced LED display screen, these displays are generally controlled by the control center, combined with other road monitoring equipment, traffic conditions to automatically show traffic flow or congestion information for travelers to choose The most excellent route for reference.
Five, LED creative screen special place. Now basically every city has a museum, science and technology museum and other places, and high-tech products with LED display has a close contact. At present, the LED creative screen applications are the LED spherical screen of the museum, LED helix and LED cube of the Science and Technology Museum, the LED creative screen of the Children's Palace, the LED drum screen of the Aerospace City, and the art galleries, art galleries and experience galleries.



Series of parameters




Pixel structure

Table paste three in one

Pixel pitch (mm)


Module size (mm)


Module resolution (W * H)

64 * 32

Pixel composition


Box size


Box resolution


Pixel density (dot / m²)


Box material

Die-cast aluminum

Box weight KG

≤35 / 25

White balance brightness (cd / m²)


Grayscale (bie)


Color temperature (K)

3200K-9300K (adjustable)

Viewing angle (H / V)

H: 160 °


V: 140 °

Peak power consumption (W / m²)


Average power consumption (W / m²)


Power requirements

AC110 ~ 240V


(50 / 60Hz)



Frame rate (Hz)


Refresh rate (Hz)


Working temperature (℃)

-20 ~ 50

Working humidity (RH)

10 ~ 80% without frosting

Storage temperature (℃)

-20 ~ 60

Storage humidity (RH)

10 ~ 85% no frost

Service life

10W hours



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