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Four principles of designing outdoor LED ad displays

Four principles of designing outdoor LED ad displays

No matter what types you want to use outdoor, please refer to these tips below.

No.1 to show full contents
The information you post on screen need to be full and attractive that can inspire people to think. You also can showcase the good points of your products in details, for example, the description of specific location and information of specification.

No.2 to show your ideas in a simple way
The information on your screen must be clear and methodical, because people’s sight stay on the screen for no more than five seconds. So they will ignore most of the information if your video is too long and not eye-catching enough. Obviously, the five second is the quality time for you to show the essence of advertisement. If time can’t be shortened within 5 seconds, you can summary your information into a series of classical logos to show your main ideas.

No.3 to use heading text
Using heading test can help your advertising billboard more simple and direct. We can learn some skills from the press and printing. Main point is indispensible, and could you simplify your words further? Could you delete unnecessary adjective? In general, effective LED ad screen need to have this kind of structure in information: firstly, heading text; secondly, simple words for explanation, thirdly, adding some rallying phrases.

No.4 to use rallying phrases
As we all know, what’s on the screen is essentially advertising. In order to achieve the purpose of promotion, your customers need to do something under the effect of an advertisement, which is a rallying phrase for implying customers’ actions, such as, immediately calling for consultant, purchasing, scanning for attention or payment.