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Two things to consider before buying a rental LED display

Two things to consider before buying a rental LED display

Nowadays, many countries in the world prefer to use rental LED display for selling, brand promotion, doing advertisement and meeting, such kind of commercial activities. They have unbelievable HD visual effects and colorful richness with loud and clear video voice for audience around it. But before making a decision to buy a rental display for your activities, you should finish two significant things---they are collecting enough information about your market and estimating the size of your business.

On the one hand, research detailed information about markets

1. If you are a beginner of the market of rental LED display, and you intend to invest one display to start your business, several questions are useful for you to learn more about your own market.
2. Who will possibly become your clients later? What’s their main business are they? What modules size do they use? How much the PH it is.
3. Which specific market do you want to enter? Who will be your competitor? What your advantages do you have to avoid competitors having better competition than you?
4. How much is the client willing to pay for rent? How long can you pay for the cost? How long can you get the returns?
If you can answer these questions clearly and intend to enter into the market of rental LED display. Well, you will find out the good result waiting for you.


On the other hand, estimating the size of your business

Whether you are investing in rental LED screens for a particular activity or growing business, you need to predict the size of your business. Let's illustrate its necessity by example.
If you are asked to offer a 50sqm rental LED display, and it also be used after the rental events. The question is how many square you need to buy for your clients.
Before answering the question, you need to learn more about the knowledge about LED display that is the production batch. There are this kind of situation happened, you bought a LED display ago, and then you want to buy more. However, you will find the new batch can’t match with the old one because they are from different batches.